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Alcohol & Drug Counseling, Assessment and Prevention Services

Our Mission

Being a healthy and academically successful college student means having the physical, mental, and social well-being to live each day to its fullest. Health is achievable through self care, through making informed health decisions and the practice of positive health skills, and through respect and care of those around us.

Good health is neither achieved nor compromised in isolation. In part, good health is up to each individual and is influenced by our daily personal choices. However, health and the reduction of harm or risk are also affected by the communities in which we live. Our health and our personal choices regarding substance use are influenced by physical, psychological, social, and economic environments as well as our interconnection to each other.

At ADCAPS – Alcohol & Drug Counseling, Assessment, & Prevention Services — we support personal efforts to maintain health and the reduction of health risks so students can achieve academic, career, and personal success. As well, we support and challenge all members of the WSU community to positively contribute to overall campus health and the reduction of health risk.

Our mission at WSU is three-fold

  1. Counseling: To provide a 1:1 service with a chemical dependency professional through Counseling and Testing Services regarding one’s own personal use or concern for someone else’s use
  2. Assessment: To provide accurate, confidential and non-judgmental information regarding personal alcohol or substance use
  3. Prevention: To develop and implement experiential programs which assist students and the WSU community in making informed choices regarding substance use that minimize unintended consequences and improve the quality of the higher education experience, and to provide accurate and easily available information to students, staff, faculty, and the WSU community on substance use via print materials, internet connections, the ADCAPS website, classroom lecture, 1:1 meetings, student and community groups.
*ADCAPS gratefully acknowledges Prevention and Wellness Services at Western Washington University in the development of this mission statement.