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Alcohol & Drug Counseling, Assessment and Prevention Services

Booze, Sex, & Reality Checks FAQ

See the Booze, Sex, & Reality Checks Workshops page for details on requirements and workshop dates. See BSRC e-CHUG page for instructions for completing eCHECKUP TO GO online assessment.

What if I have a BSRC hold on my student account?

There are two types of BSRC student account holds, one for each of the two BSRC requirements.

Can I take e-TOKE instead of e-CHUG?

The e-CHUG is required. If you’d like to, you may take the e-TOKE assessment in addition to the e-CHUG.

How can I go back to view/print my results from e-CHUG?

When you created your account you were given a User ID code this is required to access your profile for a second time. Once you enter your User ID navigate to the resources tab, on this page there will be a box on the right to “print results”.

I do not have my User ID (UID) number for e-CHUG. Can you tell me what it is?

No, we do not have access to any students UID number. This number is provided ONLY to the person taking the survey when they initially take the survey.

Does anyone see my answers or results for e-CHUG?

No, the results of the assessment including your answers are confidential and cannot be viewed by anyone but you. Once you complete electronic verification of completion we can see the your name, WSU ID, WSU email address, and date you completed the program.

Do Alcohol Education programs I have completed through my fraternity, sorority, or other University groups meet this requirement?


Why is the e-CHUG program required?