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Alcohol & Drug Counseling, Assessment and Prevention Services


See the Impact Program page for details on steps to complete, workshop dates, and instructions for completing online assessments.


1. Why do I need to bring a printout of my personalized feedback to IMPACT Workshop 2? I thought this was confidential information?

In order to gain entry into the Impact Workshop 2 class, each participant must show a printed copy of their personalized assessment feedback. The facilitator will verify the name on the form and match it with the student name on the sign in sheet and on the student’s WSU ID. Outside of the name on the top of the form, the facilitator will not view the content of the personalized feedback. The student can refer to their personalized feedback in the session 2 class to better understand the information provided within the discussion and lecture. At no point will the student be required to disclose information on the personalized feedback form to the facilitator or to other members of the group.

2. My schedule does not fit with when Workshop 2 is offered. Can I go straight to a 1:1 meeting instead?

You cannot. Students need to attend the next step identified after completing eCHECKUP TO GO. If you attend what you were not directed to you will need to complete the correct step for your sanction to be considered complete.

3. IMPACT workshop dates/times conflict with my class and/or work schedule. What can I do?

Classes are only offered at the dates/times listed, if other obligations arise you need to change your schedule accordingly.

Cougar Accountability fee

1. I have a charge on my student account titled “Cougar Accountability”. What is this for?

Students found in violation of University Alcohol and Drug policies outlined by the Office of Student Conduct are subject to disciplinary action through the Student Conduct process, which includes a standard $100.00 fee.

2. When will I be charged the fee?

The standard fee will appear on your student account 41 days after the day your sanction was assigned.

3. How can I pay the fee?

This needs to be paid through your student account. This CANNOT be paid in person at Counseling Services or OSSA.


1. I cannot meet the 14, or 30 day deadline stated in my sanction letter, what can I do?

The Office of Student Conduct assigns and monitors deadlines. They can be reached at,  509-335-4532, or in person at Lighty 260.

Conduct hold

1. I have a conduct hold on my student account. Can you remove it?

The Office of Student Conduct manages the Conduct Holds. If you have completed your sanction, please contact their office to inquire about removing your hold. If you have not completed your sanction you will first need to do so in order to have your hold removed.


1. How can I get past the consent form for the IMPACT eCHECKUP TO GO assessment?

The consent form needs to be completed prior to proceeding to the assessment. You will need to read the consent form, and select “Yes” to item 1 and item 2, in order to proceed to the assessment. Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro is needed to access the form.

2. When attempting to make an new account for eCHECKUP TO GO I am told I have not yet been referred to the website. What do I do?

Make sure you are using your WSU email address in the format of Example: If you have not yet attended Workshop 1, you will not be able to create your account. If you have attended workshop 1 and are entering in your WSU email address in the correct format and still having trouble please contact:

3. Do I complete e-CHUG/e-TOKE?

No. e-CHUG and e-TOKE are for non-sanction students. If you are a sanction student, you need to complete the assessment through this page.

If you complete e-CHUG or e-TOKE, you will need to take the appropriate assessment through the link above in order to successfully fulfill your sanction.

Sanction letter

1. On the website it states I need to bring my sanction letter with me to schedule a 1:1 meeting, I no longer have a copy of my letter, what can I do?

If you no longer have possession of the letter you received in the mail please check your WSU email address for your letter. If you cannot locate it there, please contact the Office of Student Conduct to request they re-send it to your email address.

2. I am confused by my sanction letter. Who can I contact to help me navigate what needs to be done to complete my sanction? 

First please view the sanction steps on the website here. If you need further clarification please contact:


1. What is the best way to reach IMPACT?

Please email

2. If my parent/advisor/teacher has questions about my IMPACT sanction. Can they contact you?

IMPACT information is strictly confidential. We can only discuss a student’s sanction with the student.


1. How do I get a ‘proof of completion’ certificate for court, my lawyer, etc.?

You will need to come to Counseling Services to complete a Release of Information form, or send an email to and we can e-mail you the form. Once you submit the form via fax or in person allow 7 business days for processing. We will provide documentation of how far along you are in the IMPACT program, and/or the date you completed. You will need to come to Counseling Services to pick this up.  Please note: IMPACT information is strictly confidential; we cannot provide any information unless a Release of Information has been submitted.