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Alcohol & Drug Counseling, Assessment and Prevention Services Services

Outreach Requests

ADCAPS is pleased to offer high quality harm reduction outreaches. Our staff is highly trained in the most current evidence based practices. Please complete the form below to request an outreach. ADCAPS staff will reply as soon as possible. Once an outreach is confirmed a ‘point person’ will be assigned to work with the outreach organizer to tailor outreach programming to the specific needs of your attendees. All attempts will be made to accommodate requests but to ensure adequate time to plan and coordinate ADCAPS requests at least a 2 week notice for outreaches.

Outreach topics

Alcohol & Academics

Alcohol & Athletics

Alcohol & Energy Drinks

Alcohol & Nutrition

Alcohol & Sleep

Alcohol 101

Alcohol Emergency: Be the Life of the Party

Alcohol Myopia: It was a good idea at the time!

Blackout: What’s really going on?

Busted? Legal concerns

Energy drinks & Alcohol

Marijuana & Sleep

Mixing alcohol & Other Drugs

New drug trends

Opiate use

Prescription Drug Use

Sexual Assault & Violence

Sexual Decision Making & Consent

OR…Specialty outreaches to fit your needs

Request an outreach

Please note, April 1, 2015 will be the last day for Spring 2015 semester that we accept outreach requests.

If you have further questions about ADCAPS’ Outreaches, please send email to Patricia Maarhuis at

To request and ADCAPS outreach, follow this link: ADCAPS Outreach Request Form

For general Counseling Services Outreaches, click here.